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Perfect Planter Flower Arrangement Kit

Flower Arrangement

Perfect Planter Flower Arrangement Kit. Professional-looking Flower Arrangements made quickly and easily at home! Success in just minutes. For use with fresh flowers, silk flowers, dried flowers and greens.

Once upon a time, only the rich and famous could have fresh floral arrangements in their homes, parties and events when they wanted them.  Not anymore!  You can now take inexpensive fresh-cut flowers from your garden, the grocery store, or the roadside flower cart, and turn them into professional-looking arrangements you'd pay a fortune to have delivered from your florist.  Plus you can make silk and dried-flower arrangements too - with the same system! Imagine a fresh floral arrangement every week in as many rooms of your home as you'd like. You pick the flowers, you pick the colors, you select the container and the size desired, and your Perfect Planter Kit will help you create the rest. In moments, you are cutting and arranging flowers like a professional floral stylist - just by cutting and placing the stems in the specially-designed grids according to easy to use color-coded map guides. That's it!

Get inspiration from home decor magazines, and make your own look-alike arrangements at a fraction of the cost. Use this system to WOW all your friends and neighbors! Great for your next dinner party or luncheon, family get-together, get-well-soon bouquet, thank-you bouquet, birthday bouquet, wedding centerpiece, baby shower celebration, buffet, banquet, Mother's Day gift, Valentine, holiday arrangement, New Year's bouquet... well, you get the picture. Perfect Planters saves time and money. Enjoy the beauty of fresh, silk or dried flowers any time of the year.

Happy Crafting!

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