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Frequently Asked Questions


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Will Simply Spray Fabric Paint Fabric Paint work on furniture like my sofa?

While Simply Spray Fabric Paint may work on furniture, depending on the fabric, we recommend usingSimply Spray Upholstery Paint which is designed specifically for sofas, chairs, curtains, carpets, auto interiors, lampshades, cubicles, cushions, awnings, etc.

Can this paint be used out doors on my patio cushions? 

Yes, one of the best uses of the upholstery paint is to recolor faded outdoor furniture and water-absorbent fabrics.  The paint includes a special UV protector compound to minimize fading.





Will Simply Spray Fabric Paint work on wood?
Simply Spray Fabric Paint and Upholstery Paint will work on wood as a stain, for darker coverage you can apply additional coats as needed.

Stencil Spray will not absorb into wood; however, it will allow you to stencil your favorite designs on the surface.


Will Simply Spray Fabric Paint work on silk?

Yes, Simply Spray Fabric Paint will work on silk. However, because Simply Spray Fabric Paint runs on silk, your design will have more of a tie-dyed look.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, Simply Spray is non-toxic and non-flammable, so it's safe for everyone. Although Simply Spray Fabric Paint is an aerosol, it does not contain any harsh ingredients or inhalants. Its secret formula is safe and conforms to ASTM-D 4236 standards.

Will the color fade or wash out after I wash it?

We recommend that you wait 72 hours and then washing your garment inside-out; this will minimize fading. Also, avoid using fabric softener which will result in accelerated fading. Ultimately, there will always be some slight fading during the first wash, but after that the colors will remain vibrant.

Can I iron Simply Spray Fabric Paint or Stencil Spray?

You can iron directly over Simply Spray Fabric Paint, but not Stencil Spray. Also, it is not necessary to iron Simply Spray Fabric Paint to heat set it. 

Stencil Spray should be treated like silkscreen and care should be taken to avoid ironing directly over the paint as this could distort its appearance.

My Simply Spray Fabric Paint can will not spray again; what should I do?
Sometimes paint can build up in the nozzle. We suggest that you pick off any excess paint from the nozzle, flip the can upside down, and then spray to clear the passage. The force of the spray should clear the nozzle. To avoid this problem, we suggest storing your used paints upside-down in water if you will not be using them right away; this will help prevent blockage.

If there is no paint in the nozzle, make sure the trigger is set into place. To align the trigger, gently push it foward until it pops into place.

Do I have to heat set my project?
No, one of the best things about Simply Spray Fabric Paint is that it sets itself. You do not need to iron or put it in the dryer, just wait 72 hours before washing.

Can I wash my painted shirt with other garments or will it run?
The first time you wash your newly painted shirt, you should wash it separately from other garments, after that washing it with like colors is recommended.

How many shirts does 1 can make?

This is our most popular question and the answer depends on how you use your Simply Spray Fabric Paint, how efficiently you use the paint, and the size of the shirts you're painting. When making tie-dye shirts you can make about 4 adult, large-sized t-shirts, both front and back. 

Mixing colors also cuts down on how much spray you’ll use from each can and if you do a series of small projects, such as a few accents per garment, you’ll be able to get more use out of an individual can.

Can you use stencils with Simply Spray Fabric Paint or just Stencil Spray?
Yes, you can stencil with Simply Spray Fabric Paint. It just requires a little more care than stenciling with Stencil Spray. Stencil Spray’s paint is thicker and sticks to the stencil preventing drip.  Many people prefer regular Simply Spray for stenciling.  

If you choose to stencil with Simply Spray Fabric Paint, you should pat the top of the stencil down with a paper towel after spraying to avoid dripping excess paint. Also, you should secure the stencil with a light coat of spray-on glue and use an absorbent material to protect the rest of your project. Finally, remember to be careful when removing the stencil.

What is the difference between Simply Spray Fabric Paint and Stencil Spray?
Stencil Spray has a glimmery look that shines, looks, and feels like silkscreen when it's dry. Like the name suggest, it’s best for spraying stenciled designs or accents onto clothing.  Stencil Spray will also work on non-absorbent material such as nylon.

Simply Spray Fabric Paint is soft when dry and is best suited for larger designs that cover the surface of a garment, such as tie-dye patters and so on.

Can I buy Simply Spray Fabric Paint in bulk?

If you have a need for lots of can,s we can help you.  Let us know how many shirts you need to make or why you need lots of paint.  Call Sunshine Joy at (401)769-8800 or info@sunshinejoy.com .  Because of the nature of the formulation the paint is not available by the gallon nor drum.  Wholesale pricing available for resellers.

How long will it take to dry?

On average it will take about 1 hour for your project to dry to the touch. Depending on how much paint you used it could be longer or even shorter.  It is completely dry in 3 days.

Which colors work best together?
See our Color Blending page to see which colors work best together.

Can I use Simply Spray Fabric Paint outdoors on awnings?
Yes, you can use Simply Spray Fabric Paint on awnings, boat seats, patio furniture or tents. We recommend using Simply Spray Upholstery Paint which is designed specifically for awnings, sofas, chairs, curtains, carpets, auto interiors, lampshades, cubicles, cushions, etc.Like any other dye, it will eventually fade in the sun and require a touch up, but once dried it will not run in the rain. For maximum effect we recommend multiple coats.

Do any of the Simply Spray Fabric Paint colors work with backlights?
Yes, Brite Pink reacts to back-lights and there is a special yellow.

Where can I purchase blank T-shirts?
From us, we sell blank T-shirts as a courtesy to our customers.

Will Simply Spray Fabric Paint work on leather?
Yes, Simply Spray Fabric Paint can be used on leather but it will work more like a stain than paint.  Stencil Spray, however, will not work on leather.