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Fabric Spray Paint Testimonials


We have thousands of fabric spray paint customers who have brought their upholstery back to life with our fabric spray paint. It's a pleasure to talk to our customers, especially once they realize how this product saves them so much time and money! Far cheaper and easier than re-upholstering and cheaper even then some sloppy slip cover.
It keeps your couch as your couch, just makes it a new color fast and easy.
Below are pictures sent in by actual customers and some of their comments.

Restored Auto Upholstery with Black Upholstery Paint.  

faded car seats before painting fabric car seats spray painted with Simply Spray Upholstery Paint

Click pictures above to see how he did it.

You can also check our eBay feedback for SunshineJoycm

A great step by step hassock project from Apartment Therapy

Just 1 Upholstery Pack for a wing back, 2 for sofas!

Upholstery spray paint renew your sofa fabric spray paint for upholstery dye wingback chair

Hope you enjoy the photos. Unfortunately, they do not show how well the color changed.  It truly is black.  I lightly sprayed the entire chair with the silver.  As you can see, the SILVER STENCIL spray paint adds quite a bit of sparkle to the chair.  Once I threw a pillow and red blanket on the chair, it looks MARVELOUS.  I am surprised how soft the upholstery still is.
-Sue, NC
1 Upholstery Pack of  Black Fabric Spray Paint
2 Cans of Silver Stencil Spray

silver glimmer fabric spray paint furniture

Make custom holiday decorations.

Click the image above for step-by-step instructions.


Give your whole room an instant make over with fabric spray paint!

old couch before fabric spray paint fabric spray paint couch like new

Here are our pics.  The original color of the couch was shades of beige to dark brown. however, the new color is just great.  I am so pleased with the results.
I feel as if I have brand new furniture!
- Gwen, CA
45 2.5 oz cans of Emerald - Labeled Olive

spray paint chair to match sofa upholstery

 Enhance your stylish theme affordably with fabric spray paint.

brown sofa before fabric spray paint groovy pink sofa after fabric spray paint for upholstery

I love the finished project!  I have already told some friends of mine about your product. We are in the antique collectible selling business and many times we need to change the color of things to peoples likings.  I will definitely be ordering more of your spray paint.  Here are before and after pics. the original couch was brown and wasn't what I wanted. now its dark pink and now the colors of the 60s!
- Tina, WA
30 2.5 oz cans of Dark Pink

 Refurbish your auto interior with fabric spray paint!

auto interior refurbish fabric spray paint auto upholstery repair refurbish black interior

Here are pictures of the Corvair.  It is a 1965 Corvair Monza convertible.  It is an automatic with the 140 HP engine with four single barrel carburetors.  When I got it, it had been left outside for several years.  The upholstery is not the original solid vinyl, but a mixture of vinyl and a soft fabric, which like the vinyl part was solid black.  Because of the sun, the fabric part had been bleached to a very light grey, almost white.
As you can see, there has
been a big change with your product.
- Bob, CA
1 Upholstery Pack of  Black Fabric Spray Paint

corvair convertable refurbished with fabric spray paint

covair ride pimped with fabric spray paint auto interior dye

This is a chair we painted last summer. It was very comfortable but dirty.  We used 2 party kits.  If we had planned a little better we probably could have used one.  If we did it again we would bunch the rope up more and cover over the yellow.  It got a little over spray which was nice with the other colors but tainted the yellow a little.  I like how it worked on the wood frame too.  Everyone loves my rainbow rope chair.  Bruce - Cape Cod MA

 rainbow outdoor rope chair painted with fabric spray piant

Theater costuming or just family fun,
Fabric Spray Paint can save the day!

corvair convertable refurbished with fabric spray paint

Originally the collar/lapel was the same as the rest of the coat, which was originally a full length large woman's coat. I had to make it look
like the black collar/lapel of
the Big Bopper's coat for the show.

I applied three coats of your black spray paint.  Worked Great!
-Connie, NJ

2 Cans of Black Fabric Spray Paint

I have to compliment you on this product.  With my 5 year old daughters we have finished 34 t-shirts as goody bag gifts for their birthday party and the results are beautiful. 
Each is unique and wonderful!
-Jill, NY

3 Tie Dye Party Kit 6 Packs

corvair convertable refurbished with fabric spray paint
Thank you so much for your product.........my 2 dining room chairs that I made slipcovers for almost 12 years ago faded terribly.....I loved the texture of the fabric and besides being costly was very time consuming to make.....my husband said it was really time to change them for "Shabby Chic" was one thing but these were worn and tired and made the room look the same.........well, I found you on line and I felt that I had nothing to loose........the cost of 2 cans was the cost of one yard of that fabric.....and, if you look at those chairs, they definately called for more than one yard!.......went outside on a nice day and in 15 minutes, I had revitalized my chairs to the point of looking new again..........I am also a realtor and have been doing "Staging" for a number of years........although those shows on TV have staging where they are gutting rooms and buying furniture, that is not realistic to most people...I start with an account of $300 as a gift to my clients in which I use  partly for the staging purpose.......buying and making curtains, painting wall, moving furniture.....or whatever, now I will add this spray paint for it a quick and inexpensive way to change without reupholstering.........WOW.... ..what a tool for my business....thanks again and I will also be passing this on in my Newsletters that I write to my customers

Chairs Spraypainted instead of reupholstering

After and Before.


Debra L, Stagg
REMAX   Hills & Valley
carpet before paintingCarpet After painting with fabric spray paint

Painted with Burghundy Upholstery Paint

Umbrella painted the faded outside section only.  Took 2 coats and 5 cans.  Didn't take apart at all.

umbrella painted with fabric spray paint


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