Tips and techniques for using Simply Spray fabric spray paint

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You can use Simply Spray in so many ways -- crafts, home decorating and even in your car. However you choose to use it, these tips will help you.

Pull the trigger firmly. Spritzing or pumping will release more gas than paint. Keep firm, even pressure on the trigger in order to get the most out of your cans. Young children will need help pulling the trigger.

Start spraying into a cloth in your hand to get cone going.  Prevent dripping by starting and stopping off of your project.

Most people use more paint then they need to at first.  Resist the urge to soak the fabric.

Use light coats. Don't try to soak your fabric. Multiple light coats will use less paint than one thick coat.  For solid coverage let dry 20 minutes between coats.  For blending spray on wet.

Keep can upright when spraying. This keeps the pigment coming out evenly.  If you get a sputter tilt the can up straight.  There is a tube to the bottom like a Windex bottle.

Keep the nozzle clean. One of the great things about Simply Spray is that it air dries with no need to heat set.  One of the cons is that it air dries in the nozzle After use turn upside down and spray until it comes out clear to clear the tube, rinse out nozzle, then store in water.

Simply Spray works best on light colored fabric or similarly colored faded material.  You can use it to change colors.  Radical color change such as black to blue you really need to test first.

Before painting furniture, car interiors or other important fabric please test in a hidden area first. Wait at least 3 days to determine if the paint works the way you would like before starting your project.

The fabric you paint needs to be absorbent.  If water beads up the paint will act the same way.

Simply Spray fabric paints are highly specialized in their application.  It works great and is the best solution to many fabric painting projects.  Simply put Simply Spray works where other fabric paints cannot.  If you have any questions as if this is the right paint for your project please call Sunshine Joy at (401)769-8800  Everyone in our office has used the paint and if your project is not suitable for Simply Spray we will let you know.

Have fun.