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Simply Spray Craft and Clothing Fabric Spray Paint is a great way to color your clothing. It air dries so there is no need to heat set. Colors are permanent after drying for 72 hours. Simply Spray's non-toxic food-safe propellant does not have harsh fumes so it is safe for children to use. The paint dries softly so it is comfortable to wear. You can launder painted clothing in a regular washing machine after it is completely dry. Colors will not fade away. This is a great product for kids to make tie-dyed shirts and pillow cases. The easy clean up is a joy for parents and teachers. Tie-dye the quick and easy way with Simply Spray.


Before starting your Craft and Clothing Paint project, it is vital you read these instructions which will help you avoid unwanted results on your project and will also save you time and money. Because this paint is unlike any other, there are certain do's and do not's that you will be glad to know of before you begin spraying your project.


After you read these in their entirety, we recommend printing out a copy and keeping it handy while you proceed.


Read Before You Paint

Read Before You Paint

Using Simply Spray fabric spray paint is very easy, especially when you have instructions that guide you through the process.  Why use messy dyes when tie-dying when you can use easy clean up aerosol paint? Works only on absorbent fabrics. Wash up with soap and water.  It takes 3 days to permanently dry and after that you can put in the washing machine with colors.


Lettering and decorating shirts and jackets is easy with Stencil Spray.  This thicker paint is like silkscreen in a can.  It is not soft but will not crack nor peel.  Works on vinyl and polyester too.  It is washable and lasts a long time.


It is very important that you read and follow the instructions.  The people that have the most trouble with the paint are those stubborn guys and professional painters, you know the type, experts on everything so they don't think they need to read the instructions in something like spraypaint.  How different can it be?  It is very different than any other paint you have used.  Be a pro and read the step by step instructions.  You will use less paint and have better results.


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