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Gold Stencil Spray Paint

Gold Stencil Spray Paint

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Item # SP3802002M

Gold Glimmer

▪  colors blend nicely and create new colors

▪ Feels like silk screen print.

▪ Dries in just 1 hour

▪ Permanent after 72 hours

▪ No need to heat set it

▪ Washes off your hands easily with soap and water

▪ Non-toxic, non-flammable and completely safe

▪ Easy to use. Works on most fabrics, even nylon



Stencil Spray is a thick opaque paint and is recommended to be used with stencils. Here some tips on how to use the stencil paint:

Choose stencil and lightly spray back of stencil with spray glue. Position stencil on fabric and cover exposed areas surrounding stencil. Protect work area. Shake well before using.
Tear off blue safety tab. Hold can 6 to 8 inches away from project while spraying.

Paint will spray in a fast and thick stream. Using a sweeping motion while spraying across stencil. Begin spraying off your stencil onto scrap fabric and end spraying off your stencil.
Maintain even pressure on trigger while spraying; do not pump trigger. Do not wait for paint to dry if using more than one color, before spraying the next color.

Spray colors one after another, overlap colors until you acheive desired results. Remove stencil slowly by pulling on one corner and holding the fabric flat.

Lay project flat and allow to dry for approx 1 hr. Drying time will vary based on the amount of paint applied. Wait 72 hrs prior to washing. No heat set needed. Wash inside out, do not iron, tumble dry low. Paint is permanent. It is recommended to use entire can once opened. Store can upside down in water to prevent drying inside and clogging the nozzle. Clean tip of the nozzle between uses.

Push the blue trigger forward by putting finger behind trigger until it pops to reposition if needed. Tip upside down and spray to clear nozzle.