Relief Stencilling with Fabric Spray Paint

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Relief Stencilling with Fabric Spray Paint

Relief stencilling with Fabric Spray Paint is a great way to customize fabric pieces with your own logo, artwork, or pattern. In this video, Ken is spraying a relief of a logo onto a suede water pouch.

Relief stencilling is an aspect of printmaking where the negative space around a piece of artwork is what gets printed or painted. In this video, we use the piece of cardboard that was removed from a stencil to create a negative of the logo. (This is the opposite of the stencilling technique in our T-shirt video.)

Ken’s logo for Zest for Life was made into a relief stencil using a laser cutter, but if you don’t have access to one of those, you can cut one out of a sheet of cardboard or plastic.

To secure your relief stencil on your project while you paint, we recommend using a spray tack which you can get at the craft store.

Because the edges of the water bag are rubber, paint will not adhere to it.

Use a rag to blot up excess paint from the stencil right away.

This technique is great for customizing canvas tote bags, lampshades, slip-on sneakers, hats, and even T-shirts. Whether you are spraying on a logo or screen print style artwork, using Fabric Spray Paint gets the job done quick and easy and with minimal clean-up.

Leave a comment below or share your own Fabric Spray Paint project here. Happy painting!

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