Stamping Texture onto Fabric

By Art|December 8, 2015|Upholstery Paint|0 comments

In this video, Ken is stamping texture onto fabric by using Fabric Simply Spray Upholstery Paint. Here we spray a bicycle tire’s treads with black fabric paint and then roll the tire onto a t-shirt. The result looks great and demonstrates another fun and creative use for Fabric Spray Paint.

There are so many ways you can use Fabric Spray Paint. One way is to use it to stamp a texture onto fabric to create a custom patterned fabric. Here we wanted to create a T-shirt with bike tire tread marks on it to make it look like the person just got run over by a bicycle. This makes for a great costume, prank, and just a fun shirt to wear biking with friends if you want to get a good laugh. (Ken certainly did!)


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