Spray Your Logo onto a T-shirt using Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|January 31, 2016|Craft + Clothing Projects, Stencil Paint|1 comments

Spray Your Logo onto a T-shirt Using Fabric Spray Paint

Using a stencil and Fabric Spray Paint, customize clothing with your logo, a pattern or artwork of your choosing. Once dry, the design is permanent so you can put it through the wash without having to worry about it peeling off (like how printable iron-on’s do).

Ken’s logo for Zest for Life was made into a stencil using a laser cutter, but if you don’t have access to one of those, you can cut your stencil out of a sheet of cardboard or plastic.

If you are painting a T-shirt or other clothing, prevent paint from bleeding through to the backside by placing a thick sheet of cardboard, wood or plastic inside the shirt.

To secure your stencil on your project while you paint, we recommend using a spray tack which you can get at the craft store.

Block off areas of the shirt you do not want paint on. This will keep your shirt free from over-spray.

Use a rag to blot up excess paint from the stencil right away.

This technique is great for making custom shirts on your own, whether you are spraying on a logo or screen print style artwork. Repeat this these steps to create an all-over pattern.

Leave a comment below or share your own Fabric Spray Paint project here. Happy painting!


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