DIY Tie-Dye Tapestries by Girl Scout Troop 3013

By Art|August 23, 2016

Girl Scout Troop 3013 from North Carolina used traditional tie-dye techniques on our blank white tapestries to create beautiful one-of-a-kind DIY tie-dye tapestries. Tie-dyeing is a great project for all ages, and using our blank white tapestries is how to tie-dye in a BIG way. These blank white tapestries are perfect for tie-dye projects. We have specially prepared the cotton for dyeing.

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Tie-Dye Pillowcases

By Art|June 14, 2016

Summertime is the perfect time for Tie-Dye Parties. Tie-dying is a classic activity for all ages. It’s great for family get-togethers, kids’ birthday parties, backyard cook-outs and barbecues, and camping activities. Tie-Dye pillowcases make a great project for kids at summer sleepovers. We recently got some pictures from a 9-year-old’s tie-dye party sleepover. The girls got to decorate their pillowcases using

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Spray Your Logo onto a T-shirt using Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|January 31, 2016

Spray Your Logo onto a T-shirt Using Fabric Spray Paint Using a stencil and Fabric Spray Paint, customize clothing with your logo, a pattern or artwork of your choosing. Once dry, the design is permanent so you can put it through the wash without having to worry about it peeling off (like how printable iron-on’s do). Ken’s logo for Zest

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Making a Pink Tie-Dye Costume with Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|January 20, 2016

Making a Pink Tie-Dye Costume with Fabric Spray Paint “For Halloween, I was Sarah Connor from The Terminator (1984). I wanted to recreate her iconic Pink Tie-Dye to really nail the look. I bought two cans of Dark Pink Craft Clothing Spray Paint and started with a blank white T-shirt. I laid it out on plastic and scrunched it up

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Spray Painting a Big Bopper Jacket Costume

By Art|January 5, 2016

Spray Painting a Big Bopper Jacket Costume You can use Fabric Spray Paint to turn ordinary clothing into a one-of-a-kind costume. Take, for instance, this leopard coat that turned into a classic Big Bopper show jacket just by painting the collar. A jacket with a detail like that might be hard to find in a store, but with Fabric Spray

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