Refurbished Wingback Chair

By Karen Sandoval|May 16, 2018

I purchased this sturdy wingback chair at a thrift store and wanted to give it a fresh look.  I used 1 and a half cans of the Camel upholsery fabric spray dye.  The legs I stained and sealed with polyeurothane.  The fabric stayed nice and soft.  Here are before and after photos.

Remade Good Again

By Art|May 16, 2018

So grateful I found this paint. It helped save my favorite upholstered chair from having to get tossed out. The old worn down fabric with stains is now made new again!

Old Made Good Again

By Art|October 25, 2017

I was given a hand-me-down chair over 11 years ago that is oversized, soft, and comfortable. I could not handle getting rid of it but the cream color was worn out and stained. I discovered this fabric spray paint (on none other than Pinterest) and read incredible reviews so I decided it would be worth a shot to paint them.

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Change the Color of Armchairs

By Art|November 14, 2016

This work-in-progress shot was taken by Kelly J. as he began his Fabric Spray Paint project of painting a pair of armchairs Charcoal Gray. You can change the color of armchairs, couches, love seats, cushions and more with Simply Spray Upholstery Paint. Changing the Color of Armchairs In this project, Kelly used our Charcoal Gray Upholstery Paint to change the color

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Spray Painting Patio Cushions

By Art|February 8, 2016

In this video, learn how to use Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paint on upholstery. Unique qualities of this paint are listed, and we go through the steps of spray painting a faded patio cushion. See how to test your project’s material for absorbency before painting your project, how to hold the can, and how to apply the paint using various

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Lounge Seating Makeover with Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|February 2, 2016

Lounge Seating Makeover with Fabric Spray Paint A local club wanted to renew their furnishings. DeZignature401 was in charge of the revamping, and they made this awesome video of their painting process. Using our Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint, the lounge was transformed and their whole look was upgraded. The results are fantastic. There are so many ways to use

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Spray Painting Dining Chairs with Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|January 5, 2016

Spray Painting Dining Chairs with Fabric Spray Paint Using Burgundy Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint, this customer transformed her old burgundy dining chairs from being faded and worn to being brilliant and bright. Instead of purchasing a whole new dining room furniture set, she transformed her old dining room into looking like new again. Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint by Simply Spray® is

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Relief Stencilling with Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|December 8, 2015

Relief Stencilling with Fabric Spray Paint Relief stencilling with Fabric Spray Paint is a great way to customize fabric pieces with your own logo, artwork, or pattern. In this video, Ken is spraying a relief of a logo onto a suede water pouch. Relief stencilling is an aspect of printmaking where the negative space around a piece of artwork is what

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Painting a Living Room Couch with Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|December 1, 2015

Painting a Living Room Couch with Fabric Spray Paint This living room couch was revived with thirty 2.5 oz cans of Dark Pink Craft and Clothing Paint. “I love the finished project! I have already told some friends of mine about your product. We are in the antique collectible selling business and many times we need to change the color

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