grey wingback reupholster

By adorneddc|June 8, 2017|Upholstery Paint|0 comments

I’ve been looking for a wingback chair for months! Found this $14 chair at my local thrift store and decided to try out fabric paint for the first time to see if I could do a little look for less!! This is coat one using 3 cans…i need 3 more cans in charcoal grey to finish this project . *

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Is That Pontoon Project Right For You?

By Brian|June 8, 2017|Upholstery Paint|0 comments

Our family has been restoring an older pontoon boat for the past several months. We found that the original canopy cover is still in remarkable shape for almost 30 years old, although faded from years of sun exposure. With new carpet and matching boat seats, the only thing that stood out like a sore thumb and showed the age of

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Chair with New Life

By Kelley|June 5, 2017|Upholstery Paint|0 comments

I bought this reclining wing-back chair for $30 from a friend.  I was able to repaint the stained fabric to this beautiful new navy color.  I was painting a dark color over a light colored upholstery so it took about 5 cans of paint to fully cover the old.  It turned out wonderfully and I am so happy I tried

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Spray Painting Patio Cushions

By Art|February 8, 2016|Upholstery Paint, Upholstery Paint Projects|2 comments

In this video, learn how to use Simply Spray Fabric Spray Paint on upholstery. Unique qualities of this paint are listed, and we go through the steps of spray painting a faded patio cushion. See how to test your project’s material for absorbency before painting your project, how to hold the can, and how to apply the paint using various

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Lounge Seating Makeover with Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|February 2, 2016|Upholstery Paint, Upholstery Paint Projects|5 comments

Lounge Seating Makeover with Fabric Spray Paint A local club wanted to renew their furnishings. DeZignature401 was in charge of the revamping, and they made this awesome video of their painting process. Using our Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint, the lounge was transformed and their whole look was upgraded. The results are fantastic. There are so many ways to use

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Spray Painting Dining Chairs with Fabric Spray Paint

By Art|January 5, 2016|Upholstery Paint, Upholstery Paint Projects|0 comments

Spray Painting Dining Chairs with Fabric Spray Paint Using Burgundy Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint, this customer transformed her old burgundy dining chairs from being faded and worn to being brilliant and bright. Instead of purchasing a whole new dining room furniture set, she transformed her old dining room into looking like new again. Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint by Simply Spray® is

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Stamping Texture onto Fabric

By Art|December 8, 2015|Upholstery Paint|0 comments

In this video, Ken is stamping texture onto fabric by using Fabric Simply Spray Upholstery Paint. Here we spray a bicycle tire’s treads with black fabric paint and then roll the tire onto a t-shirt. The result looks great and demonstrates another fun and creative use for Fabric Spray Paint. There are so many ways you can use Fabric Spray

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