Are Simply Spray products safe for children?

Yes! All Simply Spray products are safe for everyone. They are non-toxic and non-flammable.  Simply Spray products are aerosol but do not contain ANY harsh ingredients or inhalants.  Its secret formula is safe and conforms to ASTM-D 4236.

Will Simply Spray products work on wood?

Yes, Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint, Upholstery Fabric Paint and Stencil Spray will work on wood. Simply Spray paints will stain wood. Apply a few coats for darker coverage. Stencil Spray will not absorb into the wood, which will allow you to stencil your favorite design on the surface.

My can will not spray again. What should I do?

Don’t panic. You might have pulled the trigger back too hard. If the trigger is pulled back too hard, it can “stick”. Simply put your index finger behind the blue trigger and push it forward. A “pop” or “click” should happen. If you push on the trigger a few times, it should start spraying again.

If you don’t leave your can with the trigger in the correct “off position”, the gas will seep out, rendering the can unusable. When done using the can, make sure the trigger is fully pushed forward and in the off position. Even pulling lightly on the nozzle will allow the gas to seep out.

Paint may build up in the nozzle after it is used. If this happens, pick off any excess dried paint from the nozzle opening, then flip the can upside down and spray to clear the passage. The force of the spray should clear the way. We also suggest storing your used paints upside-down in water if you will not be using them right away (with trigger in off position).

Will the color fade after being washed?

You should wait 72 hours before washing and it’s recommended to wash apparel at least once before painting. We recommend that you wash your garment inside out to minimize fading and do not use fabric softener. The first time you wash your garment you may notice a slight fade in color, but color will then remain vibrant.

Can I wash my painted garment with other clothing items, or will the paint run?

Wash separately the first time. After that, washing with like colors is recommended.

Do I have to heat set my project?

No. One of the greatest things about Simply Spray is that it sets itself. You do not need to iron or put it in the dryer, just wait 72 hours before washing.

Can I iron painted projects?

You can iron directly over Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint, but not Stencil Spray – Do not iron Stencil Spray. it should be treated like a silkscreen and care should be taken to avoid ironing it.

How long will it take painted projects to dry?

On average, it will take about one hour for projects to dry. This number will vary depending on the material being painted, humidity, and more. We recommend you wait 72 hours before using or washing the item.

Is this paint safe to use around pets?

Simply Spray is safe to use on fabrics that will be in contact with your pet, such as a pet bed. We do not recommend that you spray the paint on your pet or near your pet.

Do any of the paint colors react to blacklight?

Yes, the Brite Pink Soft Fabric Paint and Glow-in-the-Dark will react to blacklight.

I accidentally got some paint on my clothing. What can I do to get the stain out?

Wash them as soon as possible. You should wash your clothes using liquid fabric softener because fabric softener breaks down the pigment in the paint. Unfortunately, there’s not a universal solution to remove permanent paint from clothing since all material is different. Keep washing them and put soap directly on the paint and scrub using a washcloth for friction. This paint is permanent, so be sure to protect any clothing or furniture you do not wish to paint.

I am planning to use Fabric Spray Paint outside. Will it ruin my grass if I get paint on it?

We always recommend that you cover your work area. Simply Spray is not harmful to grass, but it will change the color of your grass temporarily.

What happens if I get Fabric Spray Paint on my deck or cement?

We always recommend that you cover your work area. Simply Spray will soak into your deck or cement and can be difficult to remove. You should wash the area with a steel brush and strong cleaner that won’t harm the surface.

Can I use Fabric Spray Paint indoors or does it have strong fumes?

Simply Spray is non-toxic, non-flammable and has no fume odors. The propellant in the can is very safe and is the same propellant used in food products, such as whip cream. The propellant is odorless. Occasionally, you may smell a faint paint odor if you are using a large number of cans indoors. If you have sensitivities, you should use the product in a ventilated area to be on the safe side.

What happens if I get paint on my skin?

You can wash this paint off your skin with regular soap, water and a little help from a washcloth. If you wash your hands immediately after using, the paint should come off with little effort.

Should I wear gloves when using Fabric Spray Paint?

Sometimes wearing gloves will cause more of a problem than you would think. The paint will not absorb into the glove and will transfer onto your project. We recommend not wearing gloves. This paint is non-toxic and easily washes off your hands with soap and water.

Do you offer Overnight or Express Delivery?

No. The paint is in a pressurized can and is considered hazardous when shipping. Therefore, the paint must ship via ground shipping services.

I want to buy a few cans of paint but I live in another country. Will you ship internationally? can only ship within the United States. Please see Simply Spray’s Where to Buy page for a list of countries that currently stock Simply Spray products.

What is the best way to reach you if I have a question that is not listed here?

Please read all of the questions and e-mail us through the contact page if your question is still not answered.

Will you donate product to our organization or charity?

We receive many solicitations for donations and we cannot accommodate them all. Please email your request and we will let you know if we are able to help.

Do you offer free samples or color swatches so that I can try the paint or color before I but it?

Sorry, we cannot send free samples or color swatches.

Can I purchase the paint in a container other than a can so that I may put it in my own sprayer?

Our paint is only sold packaged in our cans.

Can I purchase a drum of paint from you?

Our paint is only sold packaged in our cans.

Can I recycle the empty can?

The inside of our cans is coated and the can cannot be recycled. However, our paint itself is safe for the environment.

How do I obtain a material safety data sheets (MSDS)?

Please e-mail us with the product for which you need an MSDS: Simply Spray Craft + Clothing, Stencil Spray, Upholstery Paint, or Spray Blood.

Where can I find spray adhesive?

You can find this item in the glue aisle at your local craft store.

I do not hear the ball moving in my can of paint. Is there something wrong?

The ball is not a necessary component of the product. Although the ball does help to mix the paint as you shake, you will get the same results shaking the can without the ball. If you really want to hear the ball, you can lightly tap the can on something and the ball should drop- if it doesn’t, it will not affect the performance of the product.