Blank White Tapestry 85 x 100 inches


Blank white 100% cotton tapestry excellent project/party supplies.

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Blank White Tapestry

Item Number 75903

  • 85 x 100 inches (approx.)

  • 100% cotton

  • Equipped with corner loops for easy hanging

  • Works very well with Fabric Spray Paint

  • Prepared for dyeing (PFD)

These Blank White Tapestries 85 x 100 inches are made of 100% cotton, measure approximately 58 x 90 inches, and are prepared for dyeing (PFD). Use our various Fabric Spray Paint formulas to tie-dye or stencil upon, and watch your ideas come to life. 

These tapestries have corner loops which allow you to easily hang them up on a wall or stake them down at the beach.



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