Omni-Stick Glue



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Omni-Stick Glue

Item Number HHOS28T

  • 2.8 oz tube

  • Waterproof

  • Will not glue your fingers together

  • Similar to the adhesive Quick Grab that is no longer manufactured.

Omni-Stick is a fantastic glue. It's extra thick, not runny, and skins over in seconds. It is not tacky to the touch. Acid Free. Paintable. Waterproof. Dries crystal clear. Sticks to everything. It dries fast and clear and won't stick your fingers together. It is washable and dishwasher safe and will not stain textiles.It is easy to use indoors and outdoors. It is flexible when drying and is UV stable. The maximum temperature it withstands is 275 degrees F. Works great on almost anything. Use on ceramics, concrete, cork, felt, fiberglass, leather, metal, most plastics, most rubbers, paper, porcelain, textiles and wood.



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